1. Choose your voice

Are you looking for soft female voice for your IVR recording? Or young male voice for radio spot? You'll find them here! We carefully pick our actors and work only with the best.

2. Send your project

Send us texts and your voiceover requirements. Do you have the original video in foreign language? It will help us understand speech style and speed. Do you need to translate from English or Russian? We're on it.

3. We start the recording

If you find out during recording that you need to change the texts, let us know. We'll be happy to help, just please understand that we will charge for changes at this stage. Terefore better check your final texts before.

4. Check the sound

As soon as the recording is finished, we send it to you for sound check. We will redo any parts you don't like free of charge (except the text change, see point 3).

5. You’re ready to go!

Satisfied with the result? Full quality audio will be on its way to you just after we receive your payment.

Do you need to translate your texts first?

So, you have your perfect voiceover project but the materials ale not in Czech? No problem. We will make the translation. In order for it to be great, one can not simply manually transfer source text to different language. And we know it. That's why we focus not only on factual accuracy but on stylistics as well. We care how the text will work in Czech environment.


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